Hi I live in beautiful sunny Florida and have the privilege of writing about decks and hardwood flooring. I enjoy writing about natural resources and wood has so many benefits not to mention it is the ultimate natural recyclable resource gifted to us. My experience has been in natural products such as granite, marble, travertine, tropical lumber and other construction materials for finishing. I enjoy traveling and learning new things so exploring and learning are high on my list of must haves for work. I am a people person and enjoy talking with and growing my friendships around the world. I have had the opportunity to visit some mills and forests for work and am now getting to share the information with you. I was intrigued to learn some of the processes of forest management and have a more hands on experience with the actual processes that transpire and the people who live and work in the forest. The company I work for received the honorary FSC certification and has adopted eco-friendly methods to help utilize the most lumber possible with recycling of remnant pieces for a new innovative hardwood flooring line. If we all start getting creative with our waste we can make a difference!

Ipe decking has so many wonderful qualities it is a wonder there is ever a question as to what material to use. I think sometimes we look for alternatives when the natural choice is right in front of us. Not to mention, using natural resources in lieu of manmade products just make sense. Please bookmark my site as there will always be something new to read about. Take care.