Are Decking Tiles Right for You?

Posted June 19th, 2013 in deck boards, Decking Materials, Home Improvement by ipemadeira

When considering a new deck, most people think immediately and exclusively of traditional deck boards. Another option you might not have considered is decking tiles. These modular squares can be the perfect fit depending on your situation.

Tiles in a Criss-Cross Pattern

Pre-built tiles come in a variety of sizes ranging from 12×12 to 24×24. Some companies even sell rectangular tiles. These options can be arranged in an infinite array of patterns. You can criss-crossed, weave-like patterns, or align all the tiles the same way. The only limitation is that you’re stuck with a grid-like layout. If you don’t like that, then deck tiles aren’t for you.


Because of their modularity, tiles are probably the easiest decking solution to install. You don’t need a frame–just a hard flat surface. You don’t even need to hire a contractor. Most tiles will interlock with each other or come with special connectors, so installing them doesn’t require any special skills. Even the kids can lend a hand, and the whole project can be finished in a couple hours.

Decking tiles are perfect if you move around a lot. Their easy installation also makes for easy uninstallation. If you move, you can take your deck with you. Or maybe your change isn’t quite so drastic; you just got tired of design you chose. Simply lift up the tiles and rearrange them.

One downside is that tiles can be more expensive than traditional deck boards. A 24×24 ipe tile costs $40. To cover the same amount of space with traditional ipe boards would cost about $28.

Deck tiles come in many different materials. As usual, I would recommend steering away from plastic or composites, and favor hardwoods instead.

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