Massaranduba: The Superior Alternative to Redwood

Posted May 27th, 2012 by Decking Materials

Are you considering redwood for your deck?  Perhaps you’ve been drawn to redwood by one of its many attractive qualities: color, durability compared to other woods, eco-friendliness compared to synthetics, etc.

Before you pull out your wallet, take a moment to consider an alternative: Massaranduba.  Anything that redwood claims as a benefit, Massaranduba does better.  Let’s take a closer look…


Perhaps redwood’s most sought after trait.  Who wouldn’t want that warm, inviting look for their deck?  However, once you’ve seen Massaranduba’s rich coloration, redwood will look plain dull.

Massaranduba on the left, California Redwood on the right.


There’s no contest here.  Massaranduba is almost 3x stronger than California Redwood, and 6.5x harder.  That makes for a safer, longer-lasting deck that doesn’t require constant maintenance.


Massaranduba, just like redwood, is an all-natural product, with no chemical or synthetic additives.  During its lifetime, it is perfectly safe for both you and your envirnoment, and should you ever need to replace it (unlikely), it is 100% biodegradable.  Additionally, it is harvested using sustainable methods that ensure the forest will remain healthy.


There you have it.  In every regard, Massaranduba is superior to redwood.  So, going back to our original scenario, do you still want to build your deck using redwood?