Cedar Decking: Is It Right for You?

Posted June 21st, 2012 in cedar decking, Decking Materials, wood by Decking Materials

Because it is a domestic species, cedar is more readily available than the more durable exotic woods, which in turn leads to a lower cost.  When trying to decide between cedar and exotic decking, it all comes down to the trade off of price and durability.

Pros of Cedar Decking

Compared with more durable options, cedar decking is cheap, around 33% less expensive than Ipe.  You still get the natural beauty of real wood, and cedar is very easy to work with.

Cons of Cedar Decking

The lifespan of a cedar deck is about 20 years with regular upkeep and maintenance.  That’s only half of Ipe’s minimum lifespan.  Overall, cedar is simply a weaker, less durable wood.


Everything comes down to your personal situation.  Your budget may not allow for an expensive exotic deck, but before you make a final decision, consider the long term costs.  You can expect to replace a cedar deck after 20 years, which will double the cost of your deck and make it more expensive than Ipe in the long run.

Do you have anything to add?  Let us know how cedar decking has worked for you.

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