Cumaru Decking Review

Posted May 17th, 2012 in Brazilian hardwood, cumaru decking, Decking Materials, Exotic Hardwoods, review by Decking Materials

Cumaru is a South American hardwood commonly used as decking.  It is recognizable by a blend of red, yellow, and brown tones, and is often chosen as a cheaper alternative to the world-renowned Ipe.


1.  Durability.  Cumaru features a Janka score of 3540 lbs, a bending strength of 14,793 psi, and natural resistance to mold, mildew, and insect attack.  These come together to give Cumaru decking a lifespan of several decades.

2.  Maintenance.  It is highly recommended that you apply a protective coat of oil to a Cumaru deck after installation, but beyond that there is very little that needs to be done.

3.  Color.  This comes down largely to personal preference, but there is no denying that Cumaru features a vibrant color pallet.

4.  Price.  This is relative, but if you’re looking at higher-end decking materials, Cumaru may be the cheaper option.


1.  Price.  While cheaper than some high-end decking materials, it isn’t as cheap as pressure treated lumber or common domestic hardwoods.

2.  Color.  Again, a matter of personal opinion.  Cumaru’s color pallet is varied.  One board could be red while another in the same deck will have more of a yellow hue.


The pros of Cumaru decking clearly outweigh the cons, unless you’re on a very tight budget.  Keep in mind, however, that Cumaru also comes without the maintenance costs that plague cheaper materials.  This fact may outweigh the drawback in initial purchasing cost.

What are your experiences with Cumaru decking?  If you have anything to add, sound off in the comments.

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