FSC™ Certified Ipe Decking Delivers







FSC™ Certified Ipe Decking Delivers

What is FSC™?FSC™ stands for Forest Stewardship Council. This non profit organization is recognized as the most credible international system in forest management. Their certification is the only one recognized for LEED rating on commercial and residential projects for wood products. FSC™ certified Ipe decking is fast growing in popularity due to it’s multi-facet properties. They include janka hardness of 3640, fire rating class I (same as concrete and steel), resistance to insects, mold and fungus (no chemicals here) and longevity of 40 plus years with no maintenance products. What is not to like.

What does it take to be FSC™ certified? Well, that can go into heavy details but here is a fraction of the commitment that is involved. The company must be willing to implement additional policies, procedures, rules, time and monies that solely pertain to FSC™. This involves hiring an FSC™ accredited certification company that implements audits, report misuse or abuse, approve or deny application of the FSC trademark on products and off products and assist company in utilizing FSC™ responsibly. Audits are conducted annually and re-submission is needed every 5 years. Mills for example must have a specifically designated area solely for storage of FSC™ wood. Once in operation for milling the machinery, forklift and area must all be labeled thoroughly and specifically for anyone who enters to know only FSC™ products and production is allowed. Why is this important? The purpose for this is to cut out improper management of our forests.

Why Ipe? As stated above, Ipe has a janka hardness of 3680. In comparison to California Redwood at 420, this hardwood is 8 times the hardness. Ipe is naturally resistant to insects, mold and fungus, so no need to put chemicals on it. It is naturally recyclable, self sustaining and renewable. The longevity of Ipe decking is 40 years and over 100 years with a UV inhibiting deck oil. Ipe rating surpasses the minimum required for wet areas based on Americans with Disability Act requirements for static coefficiency of friction used by commercial projects for slip ratio on flooring.

Put the two things together; FSC™ certification and Ipe decking and you get the best decking available. Nothing else can quite capture the natural beauty of real wood and without the worries of chemical outgassing and now with reassurance of a responsible forest certification.





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