FSC™ Certified Ipe- What it is







What does FSC™ mean? FSC™ is the Forest Stewardship Council and it is a non profit and independent organization created to promote responsible forest management worldwide. The organization has independent certification companies they work with to get companies accredited. Here is a summary of what FSC™ requires taken from the excerpts in the FSC™ website:

Prohibit conversion of forests or any other natural habitat

Respect of international workers rights

Prohibition of use of hazardous chemicals

Respect of Human Rights with particular attention to indigenous peoples

No corruption – follow all applicable laws

Identification and appropriate management of areas that need special protection (e.g. cultural or sacred sites, habitat of endangered animals or plants)





Becoming certified demonstrates your willingness to comply with the highest standards on the market. Certification requires annual audit surveillance and compliance and is valid for five years. It will show your creditability and responsibility for forest conservation to consumers, business associates, banks and other organizations. This requires commitment from the company requesting an audit by requiring stringent trail of procedures, policies and paperwork as well as a financial investment. More information is available at www.fsc.org for your review.

Now that you have an idea of what FSC™ certified means than you know what FSC™ Ipe is to you and to everyone else. FSC™ certified ipe is ipe wood with a lineage showing responsible harvesting and appropriate managing of forest it came from. It is nationally and internationally recognized by over 80 countries and millions of companies. Special provisions are set in place to make sure you know where your Ipe is coming from and where it has been. Many architects and interior designers will specify FSC™ certified ipe for their LEED’s programs and for the most discriminating clients who demand green products. FSC™ certified Ipe is used by many government projects to show responsible practices in the purchasing of products with tax payer dollars. Ipe wood is commonly used in decking, flooring and may also be used in outdoor furniture. Almost any thing you can make with wood especially for durability, outdoor applications, strength and beauty. Ipe decking is showcased in the Atlantic City Boardwalk as well as South Miami Beach boardwalk, just to give you an example of commercial applications. Ipe is also known as Brazilian walnut and very popular for interior wood flooring where there are children and pets due to its strength and durability.

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