Garapa Decking Review

Posted June 16th, 2012 in Decking Materials, Exotic Hardwoods, review by Decking Materials

Garapa is one of a handful of legendary hardwoods that are regarded as the cream of the crop when it comes to decking.  What makes Garapa stand out from its fellow South American wood species is its bright yellow color.

Here are some of the outstanding benefits to a Garapa deck:

1. Durability.  Garapa is stronger than most domestic woods. 2x harder than cedar and 1.7x stronger.

2.  Safety.  Garapa boasts natural fire resistance.  It also resists splintering, making it perfect for pool decks or other areas where you can expect bare feet.

3.  Color.  No other species of wood can match Garapa’s brilliant golden color.

4.  Price.  One of the cheapest of the South American hardwoods, Garapa is a great value.  It is both cheaper and more durable than composite decking.

If you’ve had a Garapa deck installed, let us know how it’s worked out for you in the comments.

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