Is Bamboo Decking a Viable Option?

Posted June 24th, 2013 in deck boards, Decking Materials, review by ipemadeira

Although not terribly common, bamboo has emerged as an alternative to traditional wood decking. You may already be familiar with bamboo as a flooring option, and the process for turning it into a decking material is similar. In essence, thin bamboo planks are glued together to form a board.

Bamboo flooring has received mixed reviews, with some homeowners experiencing serious problems. That’s something you should be aware of when considering bamboo decking, because any issues encountered indoors will only be amplified when the material is used outdoors.

For example: moisture. Most complaints about bamboo flooring stem from moisture issues. You can imagine how that would be an even bigger problem for a deck exposed to rain. The glue that holds the boards together can fail, causing the bamboo to, in the words of one contractor, “fall apart like shredded wheat”.

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So how would yo prevent this from happening? Diligent maintenance, and lots of it. Perhaps there’s a reason bamboo decking isn’t very common.

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