The Ipe Clip Hidden Deck Fasteners

Posted August 10th, 2009 by ipemadeira

The hidden deck fasteners have become the hottest thing to hit the decking market. This product gives a seamless and custom look to any deck. The Ipe Clip brand fastener is the one I recommend for several reasons. They offer several models in 3 colors for wood and composite decking and a quick and easy installation process plus they have 3 times the strength of competing fasteners. This product is made in the USA and has many dealers through out the US and internationally.

The standard is recommended for air-dried wood and composite made with fiberglass-reinforced materials that is up up to three times the strength of the other fasteners. This model as well as the others is available in brown, black and grey to match any of your decking needs. The fasteners work great with decking grooved with a biscuit jointer since the size allows for plenty of tolerance within the cut. The installation steps are quite simplistic. Secure the first deck board to the joist with a 90 degree vertical screw, can install an Ipe Plug if this is an Ipe deck. Place an Ipe Clip fastener into the board groove above the joist, than run a screw at 45 degrees (for hardwoods) or 90 degrees for composite decking. Slide the next deck board over the exposed half of the previously installed fastener. That is it and the process is the same for all models.

The Extreme Ipe Clip brand fasteners are recommended for air dried wood and composite wood as well but include a premium grade stainless steel reinforced insert molded inside the fastener for increased holding power. This makes it nearly unbreakable and provides maximum holding strength in extreme hot and cold climates. This model is recommended for stronger hardwoods such as Ipe, Cumaru, Tigerwood, etc.

The Extreme KD hidden deck fasteners are made out of a pliable material with a hollow leg that compresses as kiln-dried material expands on its width, this model also contains the stainless steel insert. The soft body allows for expansion of the deck boards, while the rigid stainless steel insert maintains maximum holding power to keep the boards held firmly to the joist. This model is suitable for kiln-dried wood and many composite materials. If you are not certain what model to choose from than this is the one for you as it has all the properties available for strength, durability and longevity. The website has easy to follow instructions and detailed information as well as contact information for your purchasing needs.

If you are building a new deck, you want it to look nice without screw holes all over the top of the deck plus it won’t snag your feet.

Ipe for Docks & Piers (Marine Use)

Posted August 6th, 2009 by ipemadeira


What is the first thing that comes to mind when you are thinking of building a dock? Longevity, durability and something that will age nicely are some considerations. Cost is always a factor and once you’ve been in a house for 5-10 years, it goes by quickly. If you have to replace one over that timeframe you will understand the first three options I mentioned and why I mentioned them first. For you environmentally correct out there, ipe wood(tabebuia spp.) has no chemical treatments as the wood is so dense non is required and it will literally sink if put in water. This means safety for our marine life and ultimately us and our children as well. The fact that you won’t have to replace it several times over your lifetime will also account for some green points. FSC™ certified Ipe is readily available for those of us who would like more reassurance that strict guidelines above and beyond government regulations were adhered to and LEED points are available on projects that are adhering to specific materials. Ipe has a life expectancy of well over 40-50 years surpassing 100 years in some instances with sealer application.

Ipe is long known for it’s hardness and strength and is the best choice if you don’t want to worry about replacing your dock or pier but rather enjoy the waterfront you’ve invested in. Nothing is worse than having to replace something that if done the first time properly with the right materials would be saving you a headache now. The durability and strength of the wood will keep it looking new for years to come and you can preserve the color by sealing it. The fact it comes from an area in Brazil where there is a lot of rain and sun helps when you will place it in the same type of environment where it was derived. The warm rich brown, red colors keep it looking rich and beautiful. Many commercial projects have invested in this wood, such as Atlantic City Boardwalk. This is of course because of the research they have done and seen that the investment is well worth the cost.

Ipe the Natural Choice

Posted July 16th, 2009 by ipemadeira




Ipe (aka Brazilian walnut, Amapa, Cortez) decking known also as ironwood has gained popularity as consumers have become more educated. Not only is Ipe a natural rich looking product but it is an extremely dense hardwood. It is 3x’s as hard as oak with a Class A fire resistance (same rating as concrete and steel). Ipe wood is resistant to mold and fungus. Don’t worry about pesticides as Ipe is rot and insect resistant as well.

Ipe decks are installed all over the world by the most discriminating consumers not only for its aesthetic value but the maintenance free care. High end homes are specifically looking to install ipe decking because it is the gem of hardwoods in all aspects from the deep rich tones to the tight dense grains to the natural beauty only nature can produce. High end clients are familiar with this knowledge, as it has been tested time and again that we can not reproduce what nature has created nor should we continue to try.

Composite decks have tried to reproduce the look and the quality but it still looks like plastic wood with all the downfalls that come with composite products, molding issues, delamination and staining to name a few. There are other woods that are used for decking but the fact remains that the wood for longevity and strength to use for outdoor applications should be ipe. This conclusion is based on research and time. The fact that ipe decking has been specified in projects such as the South Beach boardwalk in Miami Beach, Las Vegas Resort Hotel and the Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco alone lends creditability to its longevity.

The Brazilian hardwood color can vary from a yellowish brown to reddish brown in medium tones to almost black shade and slowly patinas to a silver-ish grey tone unless maintained with ipe deck sealer. Ipe decking comes in different width ranging from ¾”to 1.5″average with length from 6-20′ average. Special order sizes are available along with accessories such as handrail system, post caps and plugs.

When considering the longevity of your decking and replacement costs not to mention the down time involved, many consumers realize the value of Ipe. It is the natural choice.




Outdoor Decks & Patios

Posted July 16th, 2009 by ipemadeira



Outdoor Decks & Patios

In the midst of this economy, many people are opting to stay in their homes. Nesting is taking on a new meaning. Remodeling has increased and families are now staying home for vacations and entertaining. This has helped the economy in terms of outdoor products for clients looking to expand their back and front yards. The coastal areas as well as areas with temperate weather can make the most of their outdoor area for a longer period of time. People are willing to invest back into their home for comfort and entertaining. Green and recycling are becoming the norm. Educated consumers are willing to investing into quality products instead of a quick fix.

Unemployment is at an all time new high of 9.5%. Foreclosures don’t seem to be letting up and the future is uncertain. People are responding with less outings, vacation and spending. Keeping up with the Jones is no longer viewed as a status quo. Keeping your home and job are the reality of life for the majority of people nationwide. Many homeowners who were looking to upgrade to a new home are now re-evaluating their existing lifestyle and current homes. Many are looking to extend their living space and re-create a home to entertain in and enjoy coming home to.

The backyard is an easy addition without having to go into replacing roof and mortar. Some opt for a wraparound or front porch. Many homes that have a porch will include a deckand outdoor kitchen. This creates a totally new entertaining area and cooking environment, opening up more space for more people. Enjoying the outdoor air and ambiance is good for you. Finding a place to relax in a natural environment is the oasis that many people desire and love sharing it with family and friends. The project can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire. Whether simply a deck for a couple of chairs or a outdoor kitchen and entertainment area complete with tv, refrigerator, ice machine oven and fireplace, the value of the addition is definitely worth the cost.

There are many options for outdoor decking and patio material. The preferred material for many high quality homes is ipe. Ipe decking has seen increases in sales in the last decade due to it’s many outstanding properties. This super wood is one of the strongest woods available with a janka hardness of 3600 and a fire rating same as concrete and steel. Ipe requires no chemicals as it is naturally resistant to insects, mold, rot and fungus. The longevity of Ipe is minimum 40 years with no treatment to over 100 years with a UV inhibitor oil. There is no other decking material that will perform the way this wood does. Man made decking is still experiencing problems with delaminating, staining, warping and mold/fungus growth.

When investing into your outdoors, go with the proven leader for durability, beauty and longevity. Ipe hardwood decking will last years beyond your life and you won’t have to worry about it. Pay for the product not the marketing behind the product and if your concern is purchasing a green product than look at the FSC certified Ipe decking. This ensures you are purchasing lumber from a responsibly harvested forest with a future.