Top 10 Ipe Decking Questions

Top 10 Ipe Decking Questions

1.) What is Ipe Decking?

Ipe Decking is an all-natural hardwood that is responsibly harvested from the forests of South America and parts of Central America. It is an extremely dense, tight-grained hardwood. Generally the color is a deep rich brown with some pieces displaying red and amber hues. Ipe decking has the highest rating for insect and decay resistance, and is 8 times harder than California Redwood.

2.) Where does Ipe Decking come from?

Ipe decking comes from a tree that grows through out South America. We pull the majority of our Ipe Decking out of Northern Brazil. Then it is shipped direct to one of our two locations in either Buffalo NY or Grover NC.

3.) What dimensions do you stock in the Ipe Decking?

We carry a full line of decking surface products that we can offer in a standard decking plank, T&G for a cover application, or pregrooved decking for the Ipe Clip Hidden Fasteners. This includes 1×6, 1×4, 5/4×6, 5/4×4 and our own 1×6 Plus which is 2mm thicker than 1×6 decking. We also carry a full stock of dimensional lumber such as 2x material, which we carry from 2×2 to 2×12. We stock fascia material from 5/4×8 to 5/4×12 as well as raining accessories from two styles of railing to 4×4 and 6×6 post. We also operate two fully functional mills and can custom mill our Ipe Decking to customers exact needs.

4.)What maintenance does Ipe Decking require?

 That’s up to the customer. Ipe Decking again is extremely dense and due to this requires no long-term maintenance. Ipe Decking if left untreated will fade in color to a silver gray patina color but will not splinter nor will it rot for at least 40+ years. If the customer is looking to have the Ipe Decking retain its color then we suggest applying Messmers U.V. Plus Natural For Decking Hardwood. We suggest applying one coat once the deck is done again about 6-8 months later and then every other year after that or as needed as the decking losses color. We always suggest the customer applies at least one coat of Messmers U.V. Plus Natural for Hardwood Decking once the deck is completed, whether they where looking for the Ipe Decking to turn to that silver gray color or retain its color. This will help to ensure that the material will weather evenly.

5.) Is Ipe Decking Fire Rated?

Yes, Ipe Decking is Class A Fire Rated the same as concrete and steel. ASTM-E84 tested to National Fire Protection Code, Class A, Uniform Building Code, Class 1; Highest Rating.

6.) How Often Does Messmers need to be applied?

Messmers U.V. Plus will need to be applied once the deck is done again 6-8 months later and then every other year after that depending on how much the material has faded in color.

 7.) Why do you suggest using the Messmers U.V. Plus?

We suggest using Messmers U.V. Plus Natural for Hardwood Decking, as this seems to be the best finish that we have found to work not only on our Ipe Decking but all of the Hardwood Decking products that we carry. Messmers U.V. Plus penetrates deep enough in to the material that it will not leave an oil residue on the surface of decking. Messmers hold the color of the decking products longer than most products on the market. We do carry this product as well and can ship this directly to your job site.

8.) How is Messmers U.V. Plus applied?

Messmers U.V. Plus must be applied to a clean surface. We suggest rolling the Messmers on the decking with a 3/8″ nap paint roller. Then allow the material to sit for 10-15 min. Next look over the decking and if you see the Messmers U.V. Plus pooling in any area simply wipe it off with a dry rag. Allow the Messmers to dry for a full 24 hours. This must be applied on a dry day with a temperature of at least 50 degrees for 24 hours.

9.) Can Ipe Decking Be Sealed Or Stained?

Ipe Decking cannot be sealed or stained, as the material is too dense and oily for a sealer to adhere to the surface, and will not accept a stain as the material again is extremely dense and has a very high oil content. Ipe Decking can have an oil finish applied with a U.V. Inhibitor which will hold the color of the decking and protect it from U.V. rays. The product that we suggest using is Messmers U.V. Plus Natural for Hardwood Decking.

 10.) How far can I span my joists?

That depends on the material that you are looking to use. With 1×6 and 1×4 you can span 16″ on center, with 5/4×4 and 5/x6 you can span 24″ on center, and with 2x material you can span 32″ on center. All of these recommendations will allow the customer to be at zero deflection.

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